B/CS concerts for Thursday, January 11

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Good morning B/CS! It’s Thursday and here are you concerts for tonight:

Kreuz Market – Bryan is hosting its Tunes & BBQ event with The Risky Liver Band at 6 p.m.

Glen Tate- Songwriter will be at The New Republic Brewing Company at 6 p.m.

Michael Witt will be at Aloft College Station at 7 p.m.

Landon Evans Band will be at the Canteen Bar & Grill at Cavalry Court at 8 p.m.

Revolution Cafe and Bar is hosting a Mixtape Party – Best Of 2017 Edition We’re bringing back the Mixtape Party to hear your “Best of 2017” mixes – anything you dug from 2017 is fair game! Make a mix on CDR, cassette, downloadable online – whatever you want – the only rule is you have to include a tracklist, and copies to hand out. Suggested number of copies is 10-20. Trade with others, go home with new jamz!

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